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UHVC Drivers - Under Hung Voice Coil Drivers:

This over engineered method of voice coil and motor assembly used in our low frequency and mid range drivers involves the use of an extra deep magnet gap and an unusually short voice coil winding depth. This ensures that, as the cone moves backwards and forwards the voice coil is always contained within the same level of magnetic flux. This enables extra long cone excursion and reduces harmonic distortion to a minimum.

CLD Cabinets - Constrained Layer Damped Cabinets:

Large flat Enclosure walls can , if not controlled properly, vibrate and add unwanted colouring to the speakers overall sound.  We make our cabinets out of the highest quality MDF which is then lined with ceramic plates which are bonded to the walls using a flexible adhesive. Because these two materials have very different resonant behaviours the effectively cancel each other, leaving an acoustically inert material.

Aluminium Cones:

Anadised Aluminium Cones are used for the LF Drivers to give pure piston performance throughout the frequency range that we use in these monitors. The aluminiu also provides heat sinking to keep the voive coild cool. This increases the power handling and reduces the thermal compression usually associated with other materials.

Crossover topology:

All our passive crossovers are hand wired using over specified components. Our capacitors are bespoke audiophile grade with tight tolerances. The inductors are hand wound by us and are all large air core designs to minimise distortion when driven hard. We do not use PCBs to build our crossovers, we hard-wire all components to solid copper positive and negative buss bars for maximum performance.


Speakons™ provide the best  performing, long term solution for connecting to your amplifier. All 4 poles are utilised so four-core cable can be used to maximise conductor area, ideal for longer cable runs.

These three-way, sealed-box speakers aren’t cheap — but then they might just be the best monitors in the world...